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Award winning Director of Photography (DP) / Cameraman David Wright works on a wide variety of projects including


Planet Earth Pictures is proud to be a Mission Blue Partner

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Originally from the UK and trained at Oxford Scientific Films (OSF), David is now based in the United States (USA / US), and works with Irish / American producer MiMi McGee

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Phantom Camera Wildlife Natural History Photographer USA Tech High Speed United Kingdom Atlanta Highspeed HD UK Operator Orlando High Definition NM South Carolina OSF Technician US CA Video BAFTA Alaska AK Wildscreen BBC Florida Discovery Channel Savannah v12 Oxford Scientific Films LA Animal Planet Georgia PBS National Geographic Emmy Variable Speed Lily Bear Cam Ely Minnesota Black Bear Birth Lynn Rogers Playback Live Broadcast DP Humming Bird Wildlife Cameraman NYC Fastest GA Natural History Unit Maine L.A. Winner Dolphin New Hampshire Phantom Camera Rental New England MA Director of Photography David Wright Jacksonville Luna Sea Producer High Speed Video Camera Slow Motion Rental Massachusetts Documentary FL Best Commercials Hummingbird Sound Crocodile Recreation Bear Walker Planet Earth MiMi McGee Commercial F 900 X Mo New York World NHU Natural History Cameraman Blue Angels Jet Industrial fps Abel Cine Tech Award Winning Maryland MD Sunrise Earth Arctic Polar Long Lens Macro Studio Earth Dolly Track BBC Frozen Planet Timelapse Boston Gold Attenborough v640 Vision Research v12 Phantom Camera Rental Boston Time Lapse Gyro Cineflex Helicopter Stabilized HDR Explosion Sport Sound Barrier Phantom Camera Rental USA Donut Cloud Pressure Military Industrial Application Polar Bear Arctic Svalbard Spitzbergen Spitsbergen Longyearbyen Wave Motion Control High Velocity Science CA California Flight Fast New York 3D Special Effects Washington DC Shoot High Speed HD Motion Analysis Technician Photron On Site Video BBC Wildlife Natural History Cameraman USA Virginia VA IAWF Panasonic Sony RED Epic Scarlet HDX900 HDX 900 Underwater Housing Digital Imaging Technician Splashbag Splash Bag Boat Ballistics Test Aerodynamics Wind Tunnel DVCPro Canon HJ 11 Nikon F900 XDCAM nanoFlash High Speed Camera Operator Technician XDR High Speed Test Documentary Cameraman Maine Food Travel Convergent Design HD SDI Overcrank X-Mo Australia Natural World Invisible Worlds Wildlife Cameraman Polar Bear Svalbard Natural History Cameraman USA Wildlife Cameraman USA Life World’s Arctic Cameraman LunaSea Films Bearwalker Northwoods Director Adventure Expedition Film Cinematographer Cinemag Cine Mag Shoothighspeed Phantom Camera Tech Technician Abel Abelcine Red Camera Maine Epic Scarlet Tyler Mount Easyrig Phantom v641 v 641 v640 v 640 v12 v 12 v10 v 10 Flex Phantom Camera Tech Cameraman Maine Cameraman Canon XF105 XF 105 Maine Game Warden Animal Planet Mid Coast Down East Island Baxter Acadia Portland LSF Lunasea Films Motorsport Off Road 4x4 Four Wheel Drive Forest Drama Recreation History Feature Film Music Video Crocodile Snake Venomous Bite Off Shore Wind Turbine Green Power Sports Slow Motion Playback Tennis Golf Extreme Weather Lightning Northern Lights Aurora Alaska Wildlife Cameraman Maine Wildlife Cameraman Lynx Kitten Den USA Wildlife Cameraman Vermont Wildlife Cameraman Boston Wildlife Cameraman Florida Wildlife Cameraman Georgia Wildlife Cameraman Alaska Wildlife Cameraman Arctic Wildlife Cameraman Svalbard Wildlife Cameraman Spitzbergen Wildlife Cameraman Phantom Wildlife Cameraman Highspeed Wildlife Cameraman High Speed Wildlife Cameraman Slow Motion Land Of The Ice Bears Svalbard Lindblad Expeditions National Geographic Expedition Cameraman Lighting Cameraman Polar Location Scout Research Feature BBC Documentary Cameraman Lighting Cameraman USA Best Cinematography Jackson Hole Film Festival 2011 Film Friends Of Cooper Island Alaska North Slope Barrow George Divoky Climate Change Science Global Warming Used Secondhand Panasonic HDX900 HDX 900 For Sale Phantom High Speed Highspeed Camera Technician Operator Lighting Cameraman Olypmus Nikon Zeiss

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